FPT Plaza 2 developed by Dat Vang Group is a rare long-term apartment project that is allowed to be sold to foreigners in Da Nang at this time

FPT Plaza 2 developed by Dat Vang Group is a rare long-term apartment project that is allowed to be sold to foreigners in Da Nang at this time.

Deploying in Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city, the FPT Plaza 2 apartment building project is deployed on a land area of 5,865 m2; construction density of 49.7%, with a total construction floor area of nearly 80,000m2.

The project has a total investment of VND 1,000 billion, with a project scale including 1 apartment building with 25 floors and 1 basement, providing 700 apartments with an area from 45m2 to 82m2 designed from 1 to 3 bedrooms, meeting the living needs of 1,900 residents with full utilities, complete technical infrastructure landscape system.

Foreign customers are satisfied when buying FPT Plaza 2 phase 1 products of Dat Vang Group.

Not only that, FPT Plaza 2 building is located opposite the park, the largest central square in the FPT city of Da Nang which has an area of 3 hectares; and at the same time, the location of FPT City also hosts high-class human resources is concentrated in industrial parks, large technology complexes in FPT Da Nang Technology Urban Area.

Up to now, FPT Plaza 2 apartment building is in the process of completing the exterior, as well as installing hard furniture inside the apartments, aiming to hand over the apartments to customers in the second quarter of 2023. The trust of customers and investors is greater when the project investor, FPT Danang Urban Joint Stock Company, has handed over the Ownership Title to all customers at the FPT Plaza 1 apartment project.

FPT Plaza 2 developed by Dat Vang Group (number 17) is a rare long-term apartment project that is allowed to be sold to foreigners in Da Nang at this time.

In investigating in the Da Nang market, Mr. Le Tu Luyen - CEO of Dat Vang Group shared: "The trend of commercial apartments under 30 million VND/m2 is very rare in the Da Nang real estate market. In reality, only FPT Plaza 2 project is the only project which offer product to sell directly to customers. This is a long-term commercial apartment project located in Ngu Hanh Son district with the current price of less than 2 billion VND a unit. This is a real product, real value and has a pinkbook, so it has received a lot of attention from customers. The product that has a reputation from the investor and clear legality as above is even more scarce, rare, worth the investment in the current context".

This transaction is based on the written confirmation of the City Department of Construction, Da Nang on the list of commercial housing projects that allow foreign organizations and individuals to own houses. Accordingly, FPT City Urban Joint Stock Company is legal to sell directly foreigners and foreign organizations: allowed to sell 30% of the total number of apartments in an apartment building.

Official information page FPT Plaza 2 of Dat Vang Group: fptplaza2.vn.

- For the buyer (foreign individuals) as per the transaction:

+ Valid Dassport.

+ Certificate of marital relationship.

+ Temporary residence card/ Visa to enter Vietnam.

+ In addition: In case of authorization, the authorization document must be notarized and the authorized person must also bring the original ID card/ Passport.


+ All identity papers of the buyer must be translated into Vietnamese and notarized.

+ After being granted a certificate of land use rights, the ownership of houses and assets attached to land for foreigners will only be allowed to own houses for a maximum of 50 years (with a definite term), from the date of issuance of the certificate of land use right; be granted a Certificate; Upon the expiration of the ownership term stated in the Certificate, if there is a need for extension, the State shall consider and extend it.

In order to be extended, it is necessary to make an application in the application specifying the time limit for further extension, enclosed with a certified copy of the Certificate of housing, and send it to the People's Committee of the province where the house is located for consideration and decision. Within 30 days from the date of receipt of the owner's application, the People's Committee of the province shall consider and issue a written agreement to extend once the ownership period at the request of the owner, but up to no more than 50 years from the date of expiration of the first-time home ownership period stated on the Certificate, except for the case when the first-time ownership period expires and a foreign individual or organization is decided by a Vietnamese competent authority. If they decide to force exit or force termination of operations in Vietnam, the ownership term may not be extended.

FPT Plaza 2 (building on the left) developed by Dat Vang Group is a rare long-term apartment project that is allowed to be sold to foreigners in Da Nang at this time.

Based on the written approval of the extension of the People's Committee of the province, the department who issue the extension on the Certificate, must make a copy of the Certificate and forward it to the Department of Construction for monitoring.

In addition, if a foreign individual wants to sell or donate the house before the expiration of the house ownership term, the buyer or the recipient may own the house in accordance with the following provisions:

+ In case of selling or donating houses to organizations, households, individuals in the country, overseas Vietnamese, the purchaser and recipient may own stable and long-term housing;

+ In case of selling or donating a house to a foreign organization or individual eligible to own a house in Vietnam, the buyer or recipient may only own the house for the remaining term; When the remaining ownership term expires, if the owner wishes to extend it further, the State shall consider and extend it further.

+ The seller or the donor of the house must pay taxes and financial obligations to the State of Vietnam in accordance with Vietnamese law.

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